【Notice】We just restarted our operation on October 2th 2021.

August 01, 2021

【Notice】We have added a new page that introduces our bus stops near you!

Dear Customers,

Thank you for using Sky Hop Bus.

We are working on activities to improve services by making use of customer feedback.

This time, we had received  opinions from our customers that it is difficult to find the location of  our bus stop, so we have newly established a page to introduce our bus stop.

This should be makes it easier for customers to find our bus stop.

New page:Bus stop location


Feature:①QR code  For PC or desk top users

     <Point>A QR code will be displayed to guide you to our bus stop.

     ②GoogleMap For mobile phone users

     <Point>It will be linked to GoogleMap and will guide you to our bus stop.

    ③Time Table  For all users

     <Point>It will be linked to the timetable page on our web site.

We will continue to strive to improve services by taking advantage of customer feedback.

(Image)* Please access this page and experience it!


Contact information for inquiries regarding this matter

Sky Hop Bus Official Website (Inquiry form)https://skyhopbus.com/contact

We looking forward to using Sky Hop Bus.

Sky Hop Bus Team