【Thank you】SKY HOP BUS TOKYO has finished its autumn service for 2021!

November 26, 2021

【Notice】 Introducing our operation buses on Nov 27th.


Dear Customer,

Thank you for using Sky Hop Bus.

We would like to introducing our operation buses on Nov 27th.

1.Full Open Type 

※On the Green course(https://skyhopbus.com/routes/green-line)

All seats are arranged on the upper deck. Being on board the bus, you will be amazed by the heightened viewpoint and be attracted by the different look of the usual scenes of the city.

2.Cabriolet Type 

※On the Red course(https://skyhopbus.com/routes/red-line)

Some of the open-top double-decker buses Sky Hop Bus uses are with hood. By closing it, it blocks any sudden rainfall.

3.Half Top Type(New Version) 

※On the Blue course(https://skyhopbus.com/routes/blue-line)

In November, 2019, we introduced a new type of buses. On the lower deck of this bus, there is a slope to allow wheelchair users to board in their wheelchairs.

The front part on the upper-deck of the half-opened type has a roof with air-conditioning.

Please note that we cannot arrange a bus type you may choose as we run different types each day due to the regular inspection and maintenance and other reasons.

We look forward to using Sky Hop Bus.

Sky Hop Bus Team