【Service information】 The limited-time 2020 special plan ended on November 29th.


Inquiries: Sky Hop Bus Tokyo Call Center
(Reception hours: 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM / TEL: 03-3215-0008) / Contact Form


  • Does the bus operate in the case of inclement weather?
    In the case of rain, ponchos will be distributed and the bus will operate. In the case of lightning or heavy rain, there is the possibility that the company may decide to temporary suspend operations.                            *There are many rainy days during the rainy season between early June and Late July and there is the possibility of snow between January and March. Please be aware of this.                                      *In the case of lightning storms or sudden heavy downpours, please follow the crew's instructions for evacuation.
  • Are open buses hot or cold?
    Since this an open-top bus, you will be exposed to direct sunlight and wind during the drive. We request that you wear clothing appropriate to the season. *Some buses are equipped with and operate with rooves and air conditioning/heating as a measure against rainy weather, heat and the cold.


  • Are there discounts for disable people available?
    【Scope of Discount】 Those carrying a physical disability certificate / rehabilitation certificate / mental disability certificate and one caregiver may receive a 10% discount on the bus fare. Please inform the ticket counter at time of purchase.
  • Are there group discounts available?
    A 10% discount is applied to tickets for groups of 15 people or more.
  • Can multiple discounts be combined?
    Discounts cannot be combined. In the case of multiple discounts, the higher discount will be applied.
  • What is the validity for tickets?
    There are two types of tickets, Limited Time Special Tickets and Regular Tickets. Each ticket can be used for the indicated number of hours from the boarding time.                                            <Limited Time Measures Against Coronavirus 2020 Special Ticket Type>                         ① 6 Hour Ticket / ② 8 Hour Ticket / ③ 10 Hour Ticket                               <Regular Ticket Type>                                               ④ 24 Hour Ticket / ⑤ 48 Hour Ticket
  • Where can I buy ride tickets?
    Tickets can be purchased directly at the ticket counter or onboard the bus. Advance purchase from the online purchase page on the website is recommended.(https://skyhopbus.com/purchases/new)
  • Can ticket reservations be changed or cancelled?
    Changes and cancellations to your reservation can be made prior to use. If you would like to make a change or cancel your ticket, please contact us by email via the "contact form" or visit the ticket counter directly.(https://skyhopbus.com/contact)
  • Do infants and children need to pay a fare?
    Preschool children under 6 years of age may sit on the lap of their guardian free of charge. In the case that a separate seat is required, the child fare is required. (Elementary school students are subject to the children's fare.)


  • Is bus seating assigned?
    All seats on the Sky Pop Bus are non-reserved, so you may sit in any seat. Each seat is for 2 persons only. (Some buses may also have some single seats, please ask the staff for details.)
  • Are there cases that I may not be able to ride due to full capacity?
    You may not ride on the Sky Pop Bus other than in the seats. We are sorry, but in the case of full capacity, we ask that you please wait for and ride the next scheduled bus.
  • Can I leave my baggage with you?
    We will accept large luggage and baby strollers. Please understand that we can only accept these items while the bus is running and not prior to this.
  • Is there a restroom on the bus?
    There are no restrooms onboard buses. Please use the restroom prior to departure as the time at each bus stop is between 5 to 20 minutes.
  • Is tourist guidance provided?
    The Japanese guide will not provide tourist guidance. Audio guidance by earphone guide is available in 7 languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, German)
  • Is eating and drinking permitted onboard buses?
    Plastic bottles, thermoses and drinks in containers with lids are permitted onboard. Please refrain from consuming food and alcohol onboard.
  • Can I smoke onboard buses?
    There is no smoking allowed onboard. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Can I use Wi-Fi onboard buses?
    We are using Wi-Fi enabled buses. You can enjoy use of free Wi-Fi simply by changing the Wi-Fi settings on your device.
  • What should I do if I forget something onboard?
    Please contact the Sky Hop Bus Call Center. (03-3215-0008) When contacting us, please specify in detail information such as the day you rode the bus, the time, what you forgot as well as the size and color of the item as well as the seat location.
  • Can I change seats?
    As you will be wearing your seat belt while the bus is in operation, you may not change your seat. Also, please be careful not to put your hand outside the window as this is dangerous.

Bus Operation

  • It is boarding time and the bus has not yet arrived, what should I do?
    We apologize in such cases. Buses operate on public roads. As such, there are cases where buses do not operate as scheduled due to traffic conditions. Please contact the Sky Hop Bus Call Center (03-3215-0008)for inquiries about operating conditions.
  • Can I check the operating situation on the day of boarding?
    Please look at the Sky Hop Bus Official Homepage for information about cancellations or routes detours.
  • Are there any operational issues with a open-roof two-decker bus?
    Staff will be onboard the bus as security personnel. Please follow their guidance in the case of emergency.


  • What is the difference between Sky Hop Bus and Sky Bus?
    Sky Hop Bus is a scheduled bus (hop-on-hop-off bus), that can be found at bus stops at sightseeing spots, where you are freely to board and off. Then, you are freely to board at Sky Hop Bus Stops while your bus tickets are valid. While, Skybus includes tour guidance by a Japanese attendant.The Sky Bus departs from Kyoto Station and returns to this same location. This services is unable to board and off during the tour.SKY BUS Official site(https://www.skybus.jp/)