Sky Hop Bus Tokyo Special Service in January 2022!

January 06, 2022

[Notice] Sky Hop Bus Tokyo launch useful feature!

Sky Hop Bus Tokyo official website will introduce a useful feature!


When out exploring, were there any features that felt like they would have been so helpful?


For example・・

●「After the bus gets off at the bus stop, want information on sightseeing in the area.

●「After getting off the bus, want to know how to get to my destination.

●「Want to know the location of the bus and the time at the bus stop with my smartphone.


Here are some of the comments we have received from actual customers. Sky Hop Bus Tokyo will also introduce a digital map, which was introduced in Kyoto this fall and was well received. Sky Hop Bus official website allows you to get various information in real time, which we hope will make your trip more convenient and enjoyable.




This is the point!

Full information on the location of sightseeing spots and facilities around the bus stop

In addition to sightseeing spots, it includes information on commercial facilities and tourist information centers, and can be used before and after boarding the bus.

There is also a wealth of information on restaurants and souvenir stores. It is also a strong ally for shopping.

With the location information function, you can see where the bus is in real time.

It includes information on the routes of the Marunouchi Shuttle, Metrolink Nihonbashi, and Metrolink Nihonbashi E-Line, which are free buses that run in the Marunouchi and Nihonbashi districts.

 ※Please use this information together with the Sky Hop bus. Please make use of this information when you take the Sky Hop bus.

Some of the functions will start working sequentially.

Please note that the bus position information may not be received in real time due to the network conditions.


We will continue to enhance the information to further improve convenience.


Sky Hop Bus Tokyo