【Notice】We will add to new bus stop ‘Gion (Kotowa-Kyoto yasaka)’ from Mar 16th.(information for Kyoto)

【Special Offer】'Ginkaku-ji Temple' 'Fushimi Inari Shrine' round-trip bus ticket

September 01, 2019

【September 1, 2019】 Sky Hop Bus KYOTO official site "Spanish page", "French page", "German page" open ! !

Thank you for using "Sky Hop Bus".

We will inform you from Sky Hop Bus KYOTO.

September 1, 2019, the Spanish page, French page and German page has been opened on the Sky Hop Bus Official site!

Spanish page : https://skyhopbus.com/kyoto/es

French page : https://skyhopbus.com/kyoto/fr

German page : https://skyhopbus.com/kyoto/de

* A "German page" has been opened on the Tokyo site.

The language can be selected on the upper right side () of the homepage.

We look forward to your use and your continued support for the “Sky Hop Bus”.