Contribution to Local Community

Our mission

Operating our business, we aim to further enhance the allure of local community, realizing an environmentally-friendly transportation system, which is meant to care about the upkeep of local community.
We hope that our efforts will contribute to the development of urban tourism nationwide.
Specifically, we are adding more weight to the approach toward solving social issues.

Calling travelers’ attention to responsible behaviors

We call the attention of our passengers to the responsible behaviors at the sightseeing spots so that they can enjoy the trips to their heart’s content—we prime the guests from abroad with various pieces of advice and information on the aspects of Japanese culture and customs that are different from theirs.

Inside the bus, we announce the tips for responsible behaviors by audio- guidance linked with GPS.

We also give advice to the our passengers tips for a responsible traveler using “AKIMAHEN” and “ENJOY RESPECT KYOTO,” created by Kyoto city tourism association.

  • 車内に設置したご案内ツール
    Information tool in our bus
  • 車体に掲出した啓蒙ステッカー
    Sticker posted on the car body
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