【Notice】We just restarted our operation on October 2th 2021.

August 07, 2020

【service resumption information】Operation was resumed from September 5 !!


<Measures of COVID-19 / Special measures for the second half of 2020 (limited period)>

Dear Customers,

Thank you for using Sky Hop Bus.

Due to the spread of the COVID-19 within Japan and overseas, the operation of Sky Hop Bus was completely suspended beginning April 1st until the end of the infectious disease and recovery of the market situation.

However, we would like to inform you that we were restarted the service with a reduced number of trips and in limited months and days starting from September 5th.

In addition, we also carry out infection prevention measures for the “safety and security” of customers who will be using the service when we resume operation.


1.Operating day


2.<Measures of COVID-19 / Special measures for the second half of 2020 (limited period)>

(1)Ticket Info & Time Table( Buy tickets here 

→ For details, please check the 「 Ticket Information 」 page.

Running times / interval

Red Course - 915 a.m. ~ 655 p.m. / 6 times a day( Interval : 90 - 100 min.

Blue Course - 910 a.m. ~ 715 p.m. / 7 times a day( Interval : 90 - 120 min.

 → For details, please check the 「 Timetable 」 page.

(2)We may postpone the resumption of operation due to changes in the situation of COVID-19. Please take note of this in advance.

Contact information for inquiries regarding this matter

Sky Hop Bus Official Website (Inquiry form)https://skyhopbus.com/contact

We looking forward to using Sky Hop Bus.

Sky Hop Bus Team