【Notice】We just restarted our operation on October 2th 2021.

October 07, 2021

【Notice】We're here to welcome you with touchless! (hygiene management)

Dear Customer,

Thank you for using Sky Hop Bus.

Sky Hop Bus has introduced QR code authentication for boarding tickets in order to make your trip safe, secure and enjoyable.

All you have to do is scan the QR code to confirm your ticket when you get on the bus, and you can board smoothly.
<How to get on the bus by QR code>

<Click here to purchase tickets>

In addition, you can now purchase tickets online at a 10% discount.

When you board the bus, you can use the QR code ticket that will be emailed to you when you purchase the ticket to board the bus directly.


We are meticulously preparing to welcome you so that you can have a safe and comfortable ride.

We recommend that you purchase your tickets in advance at the official website for touchless access.

We We look forward to using SKY HOP BUS Kyoto.