Summertime use of the SKY HOP bus


Thank you for choosing the SKY HOP BUS.
The season of fresh greenery is coming to an end and summer will soon arrive in Kyoto.

The SKY HOP Bus will continue to operate as usual during the summer, but please keep the following points in mind when riding the bus.

1) Summer in Kyoto is one of the hottest in Japan.
Kyoto is a basin surrounded by mountains, so summers are hot and humid.
Please bring a hat, a cold drink, and cooling items for your body temperature.

2) Buses run fully open even in summer.
Please note that some buses have roofs to protect against the summer heat, but the fully open buses without roofs will still run.

3) Once a ticket has been used, no refunds will be accepted due to the heat.

Thank you for your understanding.


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