【Notice】Inroducing our operation buses in this weekend

September 18, 2020

【Notice】Introducing our recommended routes by Sky Hop Bus!


Dear Customer,

Thank you for your using our SKY HOP BUS.

We would like to introduce our recommended routes by Sky Hop Bus.

Not only does the Sky Hop Bus feature a double decker open top bus,

but you can also get on and off freely at the most famous sightseeing spots around the city of Kyoto.

This time we would like to provide a recommended route for seamless sightseeing of the city. 

Please feel free to modify it as you like to match your needs.

1.Popular tourist destinations "Nijo Castle" and "Kiyomizu Temple" course

2.Shrine enjoyment course "Kitano Tenmangu" & "Heian Jingu" & "Yasaka Shrine"

3.Kyoto Townscape Walking Course "Nishiki Market" & "Higashiyama Area"

4.Museum / Museum Enjoyment Course "Kyoto Modern Art Museum" & "Kyoto City Kyocera Museum" & "Kyoto National Museum"

We look forward to using SKY HOP BUS.


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