【Notice】The suspension period of our operation will be extended until the middle of September.(As of June 30)

November 09, 2020

【service information】The limited-time 2020 special plan ended on November 29th.


<Measures of COVID-19 / The limited-time 2020 special plan

Dear Customers,

Thank you for using Sky Hop Bus.

Due to the Covid-19, Sky Hop Bus was suspended on April 1. we restarted operations, with a limited number of trips, as “Limited-time 2020 Special Plan”.

However, the first of the plan ended on November 29th.We will resume 2021 March 6.Then new fare changes will be planning as a “Limited-time 2020 Special plan Part-2” on March 6.

Information about special plan part-2 are planning to announce on our website by end of the year.


1.Operating day

* The scheduled service date will not change.


2.<Measures of COVID-19 / The limited-time 2020 special plan

(1)Ticket Info & Time Table( Buy tickets here 

* Now you can purchase for the following price!

   In addition, you can purchase at a 10% discount on the online purchase page!

       * Sales at the above prices will end on November 29th.

Running times / interval

Kyoto course - 9:30 a.m. ~ 6:09 p.m. / 8 times a day( Interval : 60 min.

 → For details, please check the 「 Timetable 」 page.

(2)Details of the second special plan for the 2020 period will be announced on this site by end of the year.

  * We may postpone the resumption of operation due to changes in the situation of COVID-19. Please take note of this in advance.

Contact information for inquiries regarding this matter

Sky Hop Bus Official Website (Inquiry form)https://skyhopbus.com/contact

We looking forward to using Sky Hop Bus.

Sky Hop Bus Team