November 22, 2018

Notice of Course partial detour route correspondence.


Thank you very much for using Sky Hop Bus.

Traffic regulation will be carried out on major roads around Minato-ku on the day of holding "MINATO City Half marathon 2018" on December 2, 2018,

We will respond to 3 flights of the Blue Course by a detour route.

 MINATO City Half marathon 2018

・Holding date / time : December 2, 2018 / 7:30am~11:35am

■ Sky Hop Bus(Blue course) time of the detour route correspondence

・date : December 2, 2018

9:40 / 10:35 / 11:40 (in the morning)

  「Regarding the above three times, it will not stop at "Tokyo Tower" bus stop.」

【Details Infomation】